On3 the simple affordable way to save on your energy bills.

This simple to use device is a must have , the best of the best using two of the UK's most respected industrial design companies .
Priestman Goode and Cambridge Design Partnership who together have come up with a small device that use next to no power and saves on energy costs its simple to use and is 100% UK manufactured so even getting it to you saves.

Patented Traffic light system ..

On3 # 21st century tech in a Flash !

This simple to use device will save you money in 3 easy steps , using capacitive technology (like the touch screen on your phone ) it will activate with water or steam place in the shower tray or on the side of the bath and start your shower , it will start flashing # Green (shower) # Orange (rinse) # Red (stop - exit)  Total time 4 min.

On3 saves money, your ROI is 590% yep we did the sums Three times !!.

The On3 is very affordable it pays for itself in less than a months use, and the savings don't stop at energy saving, there is the cost of the water and of course the resources of cleaning and replenshing the water , it will over time re-train you to take shorter showers. We hope you agree its a total no brainer.

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Corprate & Social Responsibility (CSR).

Help your customers manage their energy bills by offering them an On3 as a loyaity incentive or a subsidised purchase.

Corporate Branding Available
Helping your customers manage there bills
Less demand on the network in peak times